Fillins Model Railways

Beechingless Barnstaple Track Plan (scale)

Graphic Timetable - Summer Saturdays 1961
Down Trains - Summer Saturdays 1961
Up Trains - Summer Saturdays 1961

GWR / Heritage DMUs
BR - Modern Era DMUs
Diesel / Gas Turbine Units
3rd Rail EMUs

UK Tender Locos

UK Tank Locos

UK Diesel Locos

UK Electric Locos

Loco Hauled Coaches

UK Freight Stock

Somewhere in Scandinavia - plan

Norwegian Stock NSB etc

Swedish Stock

Danish Stock DSB etc

Iron Ore Railway Stock

International, Sleepers and Nederlands

German and Austrian Stock

French Stock

Swiss Stock (Standard Gauge)

H0e Stock

Lin's H0f Stock on Skandi

H0 Freight Stock - multiple countries

Canadian, USA and Elsewhere

LGB in the Garden

LGB Motive Power

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