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Our next WICKHAM SHOW will be on Sunday 17th November 2024
( This alternates with West Sussex's Henfield Show - their most recent was in December 2023 )

Solent Area Group's most recent 'Wickham Show' - took place in November 2022
at the Wickham Community Centre off Mill Lane in Wickham near Fareham PO17 5AL

VIDEOS of some Open Days, and a Summary of Our Successful Wickham Show November 2022 is on You Tube:
Search on 'Phil Spiegel (Fillin) for more 2D or 3D videos in HD by Phil
Search on 'Cathedral Mountain' for Ralph Pitcher's videos
Alan's videos are viewable via links included in our newsletters

Members Open Days and related local events are publicised by either the 'Solent Newsletter' or 'Forum' emails
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Still Images from Open Days and Events are included in newsletters and Facebook pages throughout the year.

Solent Newsletters are BCC emailed to ALL Solent Members with a valid email address. If you have not received one recently:
Please check that you have 'Solent' selected as one of your area groups and that your current email address is correct in the G Scale Society's Membership database.
We cannot change your data entry there ! If you cannot, please contact the membership secretary
GDPRS: We do not retain membership data - but download only the email addresses for each Newsletter.
Forum Emails are sent to subscribers to their chosen address
If this is changed - please update it in the forum via your Google Account as Reverse engineering cryptic personal email addresses by us is not possible - we can only 'delete' and 're-invite'
If you change your email, address, or other contact details - please log in to the G-Scale Membership Database Mojo
- and update YOUR DETAILS as soon as possible - WE CANNOT DO THIS

'The 'Archive Information' Part of the Solent Pages:

Getting Started Downloads UPDATE:
These are being moved to Fillin's Garden Railway Page where they may be updated and converted to HTML format
The Importance of a Multimeter + making your own voltmeter!  
'Prelude to LED Coach Lighting: Measuring Voltages and a bit of History
Bringing Light to the Little People (Coach Lighting)  
Considerations when Converting an Analogue Layout to Digital

Introduction to January 2016's Organisational Changes
when we took over from Jack

Our Start  ..back in 2002
This sequence has been copied to Fillin's Garden Railway Page where it continues to the current day (2023/2024)

Bruksbanen Point Control Changes
This sequence describes the first versions of Bruksbanen Shunting Puzzle(s) and the changes to POINT operation with each

Keith's AnalogueTram System
A Portable Tram Exhibition Layout
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Copies of the Newsletter usually come from screenFrom.jpg - 1576 bytes OR a gmail account, with 'Forum' messages from the SolentG Google Group

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