Fillin's Model Railways - G Scale Modular Layouts

Photos of the 'Linear Modular' and
Ray's 'Mini Modular' (name from using 1.2m length modules - not the quantity !) at Hollycombe on this link

or at Ilfracombe Model Railway Show

Bruksbanan1atH.jpg - 115Kb
Glyn helping us at Hollycombe with Bruksbanan Mk1 - Flat fold-up end and LGB Point Box out front

BruksbananRural.jpg - 147Kb
Solar Powered Bruksbanan Mk1 at the Rural Craft Centre
beforMay10-2015.jpg - 103Kb
Mk2 at Basingstoke Craft Centre - and early link with Hollycombe: Slow Motion Point and Uncoupler Controls, OLED displays

bmk4a.jpg - 147Kb
Early picture of a '3 metre' Mk4'a' during construction in 2017: 0.75m + 1.5m + 0.75m - later changed to 3x 1.5m

Henfield2018.jpg - 191Kb
Mk4'b' at Henfield in November 2018 - with 3 equal length baseboards and the Signal Box 'scene break' as when used in the Linear Modular.
Stacking lightweight aluminium and foam boards eases handling without damage during transport. 1.5m length fits a Discovery too.

Members of Solent Area Group created a modular layout for its 2nd Annual Indoor Show/Meet in the mid 2000's.
The idea started with our shunting puzzle 'Bruksbanen Mk1' after the idea of an Inglenook puzzle had inspired Lin
Our Mk1-Mk3d shunting puzzle was designed to use small 'Field Railway' stock and radius 1 pointwork to fit within 3 metres.

We created a 'simple standard' of any-size upto a standard door; radius 3 minimum on through routes and
with the track leaving at right angles to butt-join to the next board with Massoth Rail Joiners, with Ray creating the 'Mini-Module' based on the 1.2m LGB straight: Easier to carry, transport and store than the larger 'door module' but compatible

Mk4mason.jpg - 142Kb

Standalone Mk4'c' at Henfield November 2021 - Now with Factory Building and Forest masking the lefthand end

The First Modules As I avoid woodwork (preferring to use aluminium tube etc), I used off-the shelf Wickes internal doors; and Mk1-Mk3d (2004-2023) used
the same door-and-a-half - initially folding with a piano hinge to fit our Range Rover Ambulance for transport [stretcher space].

[For those readers old enough to remember 'Beatties' - my first layout - Lone Star Treble-0-Lectric was built on Beattieboad - similar to internal honeycomb doors]
In 2009 we changed to a new van which allowed a 3 metre rigid board to be carried, and a rebuild then became Mk2 - with slow motion drives for the point motors and uncouplers.

Mk4harri.jpg - 143Kb
Setting up Bruksbanan Mk4'c' at Henfield in November 2021

Mk4atHenfieldA.jpg - 111Kb
Harri operating Bruksbanan Mk4'c' from the comfort of an armchair (Z21 Wireless LAN Multimaus)

Solent Modular at Wickham
Control was via our Massoth Dimax800 which provided wireless digital control of locos and motorised points,
but also allowed for ONE analogue loco to be run at the same time.
Mike's boards retained internal isolation switches as he normally ran analogue - so locos could be parked there during the event.

We produced a 2-door module with a passing loop station (now called Farjehamn) as it had a small train ferry dock to one side.
Ray produced a magnificient Radius 3 180 degree viaduct and other boards of 1.2metre length ... which were later adopted by other members
for Tram layouts ... because they were more easily stored and transported than the 'door' size. [Solent Group having no storage facility]

ModularPoints.jpg - 183Kb
This plan view is used to show the size options and historically for 'Point Numbering'; but now a Z21 is used the numbers can match the Massoth and Tablets are now use to change points with a simple touch on the screen
We still prefer to use the Multimaus (or Massoth Navigator) to control the locos as they can be used single handed and without looking.

IMG_0095.jpg - 255Kb
We try to ensure there is something different each time we re-visit with the layout: In 2020 we had Doctor Who and the Daleks on LIVE Playmbil HD TV

'Separate ways' We expanded our modules lineary by using the Shunting puzzle as the middle station and creating a new Terminus - now 'Storby Strand'
This therefore operates as an end-to-end layout with 3 stations and hands-free uncoupling and loco run-around or exchange at each end over 17+ metres
Then a new shunting puzzle Mk4 was built for middle-sized wagons, using radius 3 points throughout, and 2 'adapter' boards for 1 to 2 tracks
The Mk4 got adopted into the 'linear' and the Mk3 operated standalone as a shunting puzzle where it also trained drivers to help on the linear

IMG_0097.jpg - 171Kb
Phil and Kevin at East Horsley (albeit with background masked out) Kevin was shunting with his Electric Toby - as Live Steam was not allowed.

Mk4, and 2023's complete rebuild of Mk3d to Mk3 E used a stackable set of aluminum tube and XPS foam boards each 1.5metres long.
Although we still have the van, which can transport our 3 metre Skandi 'Tea-Trolley' or the door-based boards, the 1.5m boards can go in the car or
stacked on end in the van. We intend progressively rebuilding the remaining door-based stations into lightweight aluminum boards
as we not not getting younger !
Meanwhile, Ray's 'mini-modular' has grown to multiple tracks and much larger overall length (space permitting) providing continuous running loops with a station and fiddle yards to exchange stock. {Mike has emigrated to Virginnia and expanded his garden line considerably !}
Both 'Solent Modulars' regularly appear at Hollycombe - Model weekend and Solent's Wickham Show alternating with West Sussex's Henfield. Rays's also appears at Moor's Valley in Dorset, and Surrey's East Horsley in March (next on March 3rd 2024). We will have Mk3 E at East Horsley.

rear936.jpg - 166Kb
Bruksbanen Mk3 E ( as rebuilt 2023 ) now 4.5 metres long with new industrial siding and robot arm

Lightweight easily portable board construction using Aluminum 25mm Square Tube and Hollowall Polycarbonate and / or XPS Foam baseboards
are used by us for the Loft Layout Beechingless Barnstaple (Mk4 from 2005) Skandi 2 'Somewhere in Scandinavia' and Shunting puzzles Mk4 and Mk3e
Older G Scale Portable boards are based on pre-made domestic internal doors (avoiding carpentry) and will be replaced by aluminium frames as above.
Lightweight board construction is advantageous in both Loft and Portable layouts - especially as those moving them are aging too
Link to Skandi2 - Somewhere in Scandinavia - Lightweight Multi-Level Layout
Link to 'New Sealink Ferry'

Or Click for: G Scale Garden Layout
or Double-deck portable Scandinavian H0 Layout

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