Advocating NEM Pockets in manufactured stock allowing the Customer Feedom of Choice
The original of this Coupling Article was written in March 2006
and finally published in Model Rail about 2 years later ...

Advocating the inclusion of the NEM standardised interface ( and Kadee, at the time ) NOW there are several versions of magnetic coupling which can be added to the mix
3D printing of couplings was also featured / experienced on Pete Watermnan's recent layouts with 'fatigue' being experienced with their long trains.

On our Skandi Layout - H0 continental stock - the default is usually the 'Marklin Loop over hook' but we also have a mixture of alternatives including Roco close coupler (best stored with a plastic straw over each end) and Fleischmann Profi-couplings. .....

The Updated article and diagrams will appear here 'shortly'. Meanwhile ...

Phil Jan 26th 2024
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The pages below are from an early draft - written back in 2006 - when UK NEM pockets were rare!

It is now relatively easy to buy and try different coupling types and test them on YOUR LAYOUT with its curves and inclines.
Some of the early NEM socket height errors still persist in the market today - especially in 2nd hand stock
Replacement Chassis with NEM pockets are available for many of the old Hornby Dublo/Wrenn/Dapol wagons making conversion easier

Problems can remain in the form of drooping couplings and drop-wires which can catch trackwork on points and inclines

The PRIME INTENT of my article was to draw attention to the mess created by the differing couplings and their incompatibilty
The NEM pocket (and equivalents in other gauges) allow the customer freedom of choice without being tied to any one manufacturer.

Kadees resemble the buckeye coupler found on some, but not all rolling stock - and allow more automated hands-free shunting

More recent magnetic couplings appear suited to close-coupling rakes of carriages or wagons for block trainsets

Working Scharfenberg Couplings are also available with NEM fittings for appropriate modern stock.

Locos and items to be shunted with can choose a different option .

WE also operate hands-free coupling and uncoupling shunting puzzles and loco exchanges in G Scale using the standard LGB couplers. ... using either powered or unpowered uncoupling ramps.

Note: If using the Roco Close Coupler or Hornby equivalent - a short length of straw can be slid over the coupling in storage or transit so as to stop the outer hook bending out of shape.

Pre submission experimental layout
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